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Our Mission, Principles and Values

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional education for our young people, ensuring that every member of our community achieves strong academic outcomes and experiences a range of opportunities that enable them to develop the character, aspirations, and resilience to unlock the doors to their future.

Through collaboration and a relentless commitment to excellence: Together, we put individuals first.

Our Principles
By working together, within and across our schools, we are united in our pledge to:
  • Provide an inclusive education that recognises the uniqueness of every child and has high expectations for all
  • Offer an ambitious curriculum, designed to enable our young people to achieve success and overcome disadvantage, ensuring that they are exposed to the best that has been thought and said
  • Invest in the professional development of our staff, grounded in evidence-based research, so that teaching ensures long-term retention of knowledge and the use of meta cognitive strategies that enable our young people to learn and achieve well
  • Embed a values-driven culture and ethos that underpins every aspect of school and trust life and is evident in policy and practice
  • Instil in our young people a sense of self-belief and social responsibility, through character education, that enables them to flourish as individuals and make a positive contribution to society
  • Promote and enhance the wellbeing of staff by prioritising mental health, providing access to resources to support wellbeing and regularly seeking their views.
Our Values
  • Collaboration: We will work together, sharing resources and expertise to improve outcomes for all.
  • Kindness: We will treat one another with kindness – intentionally extending good to others, showing each other compassion and warmth.
  • Respect: We will treat each other with courtesy, encourage the expression of opinions and ideas and value the contribution of all.
  • Resilience: We will be open and reflective when faced with challenge and will persevere to pursue our goals.
  • Aspiration: We will hold the highest expectations for all members of our community and will empower others to believe in themselves.
  • Integrity: We will be open, honest, dependable and hold ourselves and each other to account.